Hamza Belasri

Hamza Belasri was born in Sidi Kacem, Morocco and from a young age felt a pull towards engineering and robotics. As he grew older, the pull turned into his passion and fueled his thirst for more knowledge. After immigrating to the US he felt a draw back to his beautiful country and diverse people. Hamza began 3D printing in 2016 when he wanted to find a way to give back while still using his knowledge in engineering and CAD design. Beginning with the manufacturing of prototypes and other small items, Hamza began his journey of producing cost efficient prosthetics for children in need within Morocco. Now with more connections he has expanded to cases in Vietnam, Senegal, Mexico & The US. Helping People, as well as animals in need of prosthetics & orthotics.

He also hopes to set up learning centers in Morocco so that others may learn more about CAD design and 3D printing.

Khamsa, meaning “5” in Arabic, also represents a symbol of protection. In this way, Khamsa is a perfect representation of Hamza’s vision, as his core belief is to lend a hand to friends, family and those in need.